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  • Steel Planters Steel Planters

    Originally designed as fire pits, these new steel planters from o.

  • Grow Safe Mineral Fertiliser Grow Safe Mineral Fertiliser

    Grow Safe® mineral fertiliser is a high performance system that .

  • Long On Trough Planters Long On Trough Planters

    New in 2016 is this style of long on textured GRC trough planters.

  • Tall Pinecone Textured Planters Tall Pinecone Textured Planters

    New in 2016 is this style of tall pinecone textured GRC feature G.

  • Pinecone Textured Planters Pinecone Textured Planters

    New in 2016 is this style of pinecone textured GRC Garden Pots. C.


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Winter is well and truly on its way. We’re feeling the drop in temperature already here in the mornings and early evening. At this time of year, the leaves are falling and the garden looks like it is going to sleep.

The cooler months make it a great time for building things in your garden. Adding feature pieces like a fire pit means that you can still enjoy the outdoors and create something warm, practical and attractive. We have a range of options available to suit a small courtyard to a large open area with one of our gigantic crushing cone fire pits.

If you’ve been into the yard recently you’ll have seen our new “Feature Scape” area coming to life. For all the updates on this please see our Facebook page . On our news page you can see how it all went together and who participated in the project. Judging by the comments we’re receiving, the Feature Scape is a huge success and if you haven’t been in for a while then here’s your excuse to come down.

As always we’re here to answer your questions Monday to Saturday 8.00am to 4.00pm on 08 9335 7383 (leave a message after hours) or shoot us an email at


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The Creation Team.

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