Winter Indoor Plant Care

Winter sees houseplants enter a time of dormancy and they require some simple, but important, care changes – this involves protecting them from temperature highs and lows, too much water, and lower light levels.


LightDuring winter, the amount of natural light your home receives is significantly reduced.  Where possible, move your indoor plants to the brightest location available, away from direct sunlight, so they can soak up that gentle winter warmth.   Consider rotating your houseplants regularly for optimal and even light absorbency.

Water:  During the winter dormancy period the growth of your indoor plants is slower and their need for water is significantly reduced.  Excess water can promote fungal growth, insect infestation and root rot.  Reduce your watering by at least half and only water when the top two inches of soil feels dry.  You can check by inserting a moisture metre or by testing with your finger.   Use room temperature water and be mindful of factors that may speed up drying, like heaters and air-conditioning.

Temperature: Winter can bring extremes in temperature for your houseplants to deal with.  Avoid positioning your houseplants near heating radiation, air-conditioning outlets and openings that might allow in blasts of cold, dry air.  Your indoor plants will benefit greatly from a humidifier, if you don’t own a humidifier, you can place your houseplants on saucers filled with a layer of wet gravel or pebbles in increase air moisture.

Creation Landscape Supplies stocks a range of products to help you care for your plants throughout the entire year.  Our top picks for your winter houseplant care are:

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