Limestone Blocks


Whether you’re looking to bring your ultimate landscaping project to life, or simply spruce up your existing backyard, you’ll find Creation Landscape Supplies’ range of reconstituted limestone blocks perfectly suited to any outdoor space.

Limestone blocks are ideal to create elegant retaining walls and stylish garden edging.

Reconstituted Limestone

Reconstituted limestone is a combination of crushed limestone and cream cement which creates a durable product that’s up to three times stronger than the industry standard.  These blocks will retain their natural stone colour for much longer than unrefined limestone.

Available sizes

  • 500mm x 350mm x 240mm (approx 78kg each)
  • 500mm x 350mm x 200mm (approx 67kg each)
  • 500mm x 350mm x 150mm (approx 47kg each)
  • 500mm x 300m x 100mm (approx 25kg each)
  • 500mm x 250mm x 100mm (approx 23kg each)
  • 500mm x 160mm x 90mm (approx 12kg each) (Bevelled top edge/kerbing)
  • Bulk delivery
  • Free trailer hire
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