Plant Care & Accessories


Every avid plant parent needs their plant care essentials and accessories.  Creation Landscape Supplies stock a range of versatile and helpful products to assist you with all your gardening ventures, from a curated selection of stylish watering cans to natural pest fighting neem oils.

Our accessories and plant care products will have your plants looking vibrant and healthy all year round.

Plant Food

Plants require more than just soil, sun and water.  All plants require certain additional nutrients to thrive.  Fertilising your plants on a regular basis will encourage vigorous growth, healthy roots systems and vibrant foliage.

Give your plants the nutrients they need to keep them looking their best with our of fertilisers specifically formulated for indoor plants including:

The Plant Runner – A range of products including Indoor Plant Food, a completely ordourless food for your plants with NPK ratio of 12:2:12, trace elements and seaweed. Soil & Microbe Booster, a combination of biochar and frass with a NPK ratio of 4:2:2.  Bio Pellets, a slow release fertiliser made from organic kelp and frass

We The Wild – Australian made and 100 per cent organic.  Grow Concentrate contains over 200+ strains of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients that replicate the biodiversity of the forest floor.   Support Pellets are bioactive slow-release fertiliser pellets that deliver a steady release of nutrients.  They’re designed to increase resilience and strength, and to minimise the stress that over watering and under watering cause to your plant.

The Home Plant Co. – Indoor Plant Food is a balanced NPK + essential trace elements foliar spray in a ready to use spray mist.   Beneficial bacteria help to maintain lush and healthy plant growth, while also promoting a healthy root system and strengthening the immune system to help with the conditions encountered with climate and disease.

Home Grown Tonic – An indoor plant foliar tonic from Sabrina Hahn’s Hort with Heart range.  A 100 per cent plant based liquid tonic that enhances plant growth with amino acids, plant hormones and vital nutrients

Yates Leaf Shine – provides a high shine gloss that helps protect and beautify hard-surfaced leaves of indoor plants.

Pest Control

It can be frustrating to find pests have made your beloved house plants look less healthy.  Almost all indoor gardeners at some point will likely have to deal with unwanted bugs.  We stock a range of natural, pet-friendly pest control products to keep our plants looking and feeling their best.

Neem OilThe Plant Runner’s leaf shine, fungicide and natural insecticide containing 100 per cent certified organic neem seen and hand-blended with vegetable based wetting agents, organic sulphurs, proteins and various beneficial trace elements

Protect Spray with NeemWe the Wild Protect spray is a 100% certified organic way to combat common pests, such as fungus gnats, mealy bugs, aphids, scale, powdery mildew, spider mites and thrips.

Gnat Off!The Houseplant Horders’ Gnat Off! contains a specially formulated blend of pumice, coarse sand and neem granules.   Gnat Off! naturally discourages fungus gnats from egg laying

Eco Neem Oil – A concentrate that controls various sucking and chewing pests on foliage and in potting soil

Watering Cans & Misters

There’s nothing more essential to the indoor gardener than a good watering can and mister for precise watering, rinsing leaves and enhancing the humidity around your indoor plants.

We stock a stylish selection of cans and misters in a range of sizes from respected brands like:

  • Haws – the world’s oldest manufacturer of watering cans.  Built to last and expertly handcrafted in Smethwick, UK using traditional British engineering since 1886
  • Burgon and Ball – manufactured in Sheffield, UK, Burgon & Ball design practical single-handed watering cans made from galvanized steel for long life
  • Garden Trading – designed and developed in Oxfordshire, UK.  They produce high quality products that draw inspiration from both the English countryside and city lifestyle trends

Moisture Testers

Never quite sure when your plants need a drink?  Take the guess work out of watering with one of our handy moisture meters.  These clever devices measure the soil water content and provide and accurate moisture reading, ensuring you’ll never over or under water again.

Growing Mediums

Your houseplants are only as healthy as their roots so it’s important to surround and support them with a growing medium that will encourage good root health.  Whether you’re into creating your own growing medium or curious to start, we have a selection of commonly used mediums to make your ideal indoor potting mixes including:

Perlite – Perlite is a great soil additive and growing medium that improves drainage and aeration.  It allows excess water to drain away easily, preventing the soil from becoming waterlogged and causing root rot while retaining moisture and nutrients

Sphagnum Moss – A fantastic moisture retention medium. It’s light and excellent at retaining water and perfect for constructing DIY totem poles and a great choice for indoor succulents

Leca – An extremely lightweight and porous baked clay potting medium that allows oxygen to reach your plant’s root system helping to prevent decay and disease.  Leca can be used as a standalone potting medium giving you control over nutrients, moisture and humidity.  It can be combined with potting mix to improve drainage or as a topsoil dressing to lock in moisture, raise humidity levels and prevent pests

Brunning’s Indoor Potting Mix – This indoor potting blend provides an excellent moisture and nutrient-rich environment essential for plant health.  Formulated by horticultural experts for the indoor environment.  Available in 15 litre take-home bags

Brunning’s Orchid Potting Mix – specifically formulated to suit the growing needs of cymbidiums and other terrestrial orchids. It is a coarse, open mixture with excellent drainage whist retaining adequate moisture for your orchids.

Coco Totem Poles

Made from natural coconut fibres which are are soft, breathable and rot resistant.  Ideal for growing climbing plants such as Pothos, Philodendrons, Monstera, Hoya and many others.

Use them in conjunction with our reusable, Velcro plant ties and regular misting which will mimic the natural environment of your climbing plants enabling their aerial roots to grip into the natural fibres.  This promotes micro nutrient intake and stronger upright growth that leads to larger leaf development.

Available in various lengths from 450mm to 1100mm.  The 600mm and 900mm poles have a wooden stake which is designed to fit into the top section of another pole,. allowing them to be extended.


Our durable clear vinyl saucers prevent staining and damage to household surfaces by catching excess debris, leaks, moisture and mildew.  Available in a variety of sizes to fit inside our range of baskets, planters and pots.