Feature Area – Concrete Bar Top

Feature Area – Concrete Bar Top

The work has recommenced on our outdoor feature area with some of the finer detailing now happening. We’re pushing ahead to try and finish off before the end of the good Perth weather. Our concrete bar top is next on the hit list and is beginning to look amazing.

Alcidio from Concrete Mode has returned to complete the final stages for the concrete bar top. Today as pictured, there’s a few spray coats of acid colouring to give our bar top a vintage / weathered look. With just a day or so needed to allow the acid to penetrate the concrete, there will be a final fine grind and then a polish to complete the job.

Al, is an expert concrete bar top specialist and has worked all over the world doing his magic with different concrete projects both in a commercial and residential market. We highly recommend Al to surpass your expectations in both quality and possibilities for your next concrete requirement. Al has a full profile of his work available on his website. www.concretemode.com.au  He’s a professional of many years and represents Ardex and Pandomo in Western Australia.

Understandably, we’re pretty keen to make all this happen so we may enjoy the space in the great weather we’ve been enjoying so far this year. So it won’t be too much longer now until we’re able to invite you down for a look through.

Alcidio De Andrade can be reached on 0448 870 338