Feature Area – Gabion Wall Construction

Feature Area – Gabion Wall Construction

We’re starting to see some structures coming out of the ground which is giving us some visual boundaries and aspects are beginning to take shape. We’re working on gabion walls with great success which are coming up out of the ground nicely and already we’re being asked how it’s all done.

A large 6m section has been built already using a concrete footing due to the heights of the wall. There are also posts in between to give the wall some extra stabilisation. The posts are bolted to the footing but become invisible as the wall goes up.

The baskets were laid out in a 6m length on the floor level. This particular section is made using a 25mm aperture (mesh size) using 3.3mm gauge galfan wire mesh (galvanised w/ 5% zinc coating). Galfan coating is preferred over normal galvanised mesh as it provides longer lasting rust protection.

We used a 40mm Toodyay stone gravel which has a great deal of pink, red, green and grey stone which stands out under the colour of the wire mesh. The use of 25mm gabion mesh allows us to “pour in” the stone to rapidly fill the baskets, decreasing the construction time considerably as the gravel completely fills the baskets. Large aperture mesh means that the stone needs to be “faced up” which means placing stone in the basket which has a considerably longer construction time.

The walls will be up lit which will cast small shadows over the face of the wall giving some dramatic effects over how the wall appears during daylight.

The actual construction of the baskets themselves is an incredibly simple process and one that virtually anyone can do. We’ve sold many gabion baskets in the last 12 months to homeowners looking to do retaining walls and feature seats at their place. There are so many options for fill material as you’ll soon be able to see here in the yard. Personally I think it is one of our most successful DIY products we’ve ever offered. If you’re considering using gabion baskets in your landscape we can offer you all the advice you might need to make it all happen. In the meantime, please feel free to come and take a look at what we’ve done with them if you need ideas.