Feature Area – Phase 3 Landscape Construction

Feature Area – Phase 3 Landscape Construction

As we move ahead on the new feature area we’re pleased to announce that Phase 3 Landscape Construction are project managing and providing staff for the construction of the site.

Director, Matt Huxtable from Phase 3 Landscape Construction has stepped in to take over the project, stating that it represents a fantastic opportunity for Phase 3 to showcase their capacities in project management and construction capabilities in a retail environment. Being very familiar with the unique raw materials that Creation Landscape Supplies offer which will feature heavily in the new area, Phase 3 are very confident of capturing and realising the vision of the designers… Cathy Cocks & Lorna Barnett from Haughty Culture.

With some minor modification to their original design we’re very excited by the progress to date, albeit slowing due to the recent rains. We’re beginning to see the outlines of what we think will be an area where customers, tradespeople, designers, landscape architects and home owners can get inspiration and a better understanding of what is possible with the products that are available in the yard.

We’d like to extend our thanks and offer our confident recommendation to Phase 3 Landscape Construction and to Haughty Culture for their participation in this project.

Stay tuned for more updates.