Product Calculator

Calculating an accurate amount of product required for your job is very important.  There is nothing worse than receiving a delivery to find you’re short on product or have way too much left at the end! 

At Creation, we suggest you measure up the job first before calling for a quote.   It’s not difficult to do.  You will need three measurements;

  • the length of the job
  • the width of the job
  • the depth of the job

Put these measurements into our product calculator below and you will get your answer in cubic metres.  Only then can you be confident you have the correct amount to order.

Of course sometimes your job area may not be square or rectangular, it may be winding and change widths at various times which can make correct measurement difficult.   If you feel comfortable you may want to estimate the average width and use that in the calculation box or you can transfer your measurements onto 1cm grid paper and count the boxes!  We are here to help you so please contact us if you need assistance in this area.   

Added Notes

When using products that you plan to compact down like gravel fines for pathways or yellow sand for a base under paving, an adjustment needs to me made to the quantity ordered.   As a general rule only, 20% extra needs to be ordered to factor in the compaction of the product.  Please call us if you have questions on this.



Common conversions:

  • 1 Trailer0.66 Cubic Metre
  • 1.5 Trailers1 Cubic Metre
  • 2 Trailers1.33 Cubic Metres
  • 3 Trailers2 Cubic Metres
  • 4.5 Trailers3 Cubic Metres


  • Length: in metres
  • Width: in metres
  • Depth: in metres
  • Result: in cubic metres