Plush Turf 30ltr Bag

Plush Turf Compost is a premium lawn top dresser.  It is a super fine top-dress treatment screened to 8mm and below to allow it to settle deep into the leaf blade. Designed specifically for turf, it restores turf vitality and encourages deeper root growth to make turf stronger and increase water and nutrient efficiencies.

This product is packed full of organic nutrients and fully composted which will bring quick results to your lawn.   Plush Turf Compost penetrates the root zone with nutrient-rich organic carbon to feed the turf, stimulate growth, and add beneficial microbes to the soil which improves nutrient uptake and helps to suppress pests and disease.

Plush Turf Compost is proven to be effective in the treatment of sting nematode infestation and is best used on well-maintained, level lawns in need of a quick release of nutrients to boost the leaf colour and strengthen root development.

$12.00 inc. GST