Gabion Basket 975mm x 525mm x 300mm

Our Gabion baskets are made with galvanised steel (4mm gauge) mesh panels that have been Galfan treated in a zinc-aluminium alloy coating to provide excellent corrosion protection.

The basket can be filled with just about any heavy material, usually loose stone, and could include recycled builder’s rubble, timber logs, bricks or scrap steel.  The weight of a filled basket can act as a retaining wall and the baskets look fantastic when seen from all sides as a feature wall or garden seat. We supply all of your pieces to assemble your own gabion kit at home.

The following is included in your complete kit:
2 x 975mm x 525mm PANELS
2 x 975 x 300mm PANELS
2 x 525 x 300mm PANELS
4 x 1m SPIRALS
4 x 500mm SPIRALS
4 x 300mm SPIRALS
2 x 300mm BRACE HOOKS

$84.00 inc. GST