Aussie Organics Cow Manure 30 ltr

Aussie Organics Cow Manure is an all-purpose organic fertiliser – suitable for fertilising trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetables and flower gardens. Aussie Organics Cow Manure promotes vigirous and healty plant growth. Our cow manure is screened and composted and can be used as a general fertiliser, soil conditioner and soil improver. It’s a natural and organic product that encourages earth worm activity in the soil and improves soil structure. ADDITIONAL PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGES:  Enhances root development by improving soil structure * Improves soil aeration and water retention in sandy soils * Increases soil humus, which in turn enhance soil structure * Increases water penetration and reduces water run-off * Provides a natural source of nitrogen * Increases macro and micro-organism activity in the soil

$10.45 inc. GST