Premium Compost

Premium Compost
Premium Compost
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Our most advanced and effective soil improver, Premium Compost is an all in one plant feeder and soil builder.  Highly recommended as mulch to feed your nutrient hungry exotic plants and used also as a turn in compost for sandy soils prior to planting out.  Premium Compost releases nutrients quickly, improves soil aeration and is easy to spread around.  Use more sparingly if applying this compost to smaller, developing native plants.

Key benefits…

– Easy to spread dual purpose product

– Efficient water management

– Quick release of nutrients

– Improves soil aeration

Made from various sources of organic materials such as green waste, food waste, and animal manures, these products go through a controlled process of aerobic composting to become high value carbon.

Premium compost has a naturally high water holding capacity which maintains soil moisture for extended periods and stimulates soil biology that creates soil structure.

We deliver all around Perth and beyond for larger compost orders…from 30 litre bags, large bulker bags to semi-trailer loads and everything in between.  Alternatively, feel free to come down and use our complimentary trailers when you purchase your supplies.

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