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StraightCurve Edging
StraightCurve Edging
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Corten steel landscape edging has been around for a while now but with StraightCurve steel landscape edging you’ll find a new to market product directed at the DIY user and also for the professional landscaper.

What separates StraightCurve from it’s competitors is the fact that it is extremely easy to work with. We’ve just road tested it here in the store and have found that with just a few tools there’s a great deal of possibilities for your landscape.

This brilliant new product is ideal for edging pathways, garden beds or steps.  StraightCurve is made from “Weathering Steel” which will develop a rusty patina on the surface of the steel similar to Corten TM steel but will not rust out over time.

You’re able to do straight runs very simply as each length has a connecter piece already attached to one end.  Simply tek screw or pop rivet for a cleaner look and continue as needed. Corners are no problem either and creating a ring can be done in minutes. A clip in 300mm spike every metre will secure the edging firmly in the ground. It couldn’t be simpler.


– 2.2m length x 100mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

-2.2m length x 150mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.2m length x 150mm high in Galvanised Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.2m length x 100mm high in Galvanised Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.16m length x 240mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.16m length x 400mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.16m length x 560mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

The 100mm & 150mm StraightCurve Flexline allows a very easy to shape flexible steel edge with an attached connector plate and guide holes for rapid and easy connection. Pegs lock in place with no need for screwing whilst the malleability of this edge make for a very easy installation experience. 150mm height is better for edging grasses that may be invasive. Each length has a double folded rounded top with no sharp edges which is great for playgrounds / child friendly areas.

The 240mm, 400mm and 560mm StraightCurve Flexline are the taller options with no visible screws on the face and unique anchoring methods to support the edges. The clean seam join itself is a design feature – sleek and discreet.!

Also available in HARDLINE

– 2.2m length x 100mm in Weathered Steel

– 2.2m length x 150mm in Weathered Steel

HARDLINE is a useful option where the entire job calls for perfectly straight lines. There is no flex in the product meaning 100% pure straight lines are guaranteed.

Also available in BOXLINE

– Small Corner Boxline – 325mm x 175mm

– Large Corner Boxline – 625mm x 475mm

– Straight Piece – 900m long.

BOXLINE is a modular planter box building system that makes building self supporting rectangular or square planter boxes a breeze. The system allows you to customise the height, length and width of your planter box project in a series of easy put together modular pieces. The height increments are in 200mm. The length and widths can be anything that fits the sizes shown above. It’s that simple. The cost of the planter boxes is probably half of what you would expect to pay if they were custom made at a metal fabrication shop.

Only a few simple tools are required to create your finished edging product. Your next edging project is limited only by your imagination.

Visit us and see our display in the yard, ask questions and get all the answers on StraightCurve,  Monday to Saturday 8am to 4pm or simply fill in the fields below and we can reply to you via email.


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