Fire Pit

Fire Pit
Fire Pit
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There’s something about a fire pit that we all love. It’s warming and visual properties can be astounding in a domestic landscape. There’s not a child on earth whose imagination and curiosity isn’t drawn towards a naked flame. The light given off burning wood can be spectacular in terms of atmosphere and mood.

We’ve made what we think is a beautiful, dominant and imposing landscape feature that will last for many years. The fire pit itself measures 1.2m across and is 19cm deep so it’s more of a dish than a pit. There’s an external steel ring that measure 1.9m across which is 20cm tall. Simply fill the steel ring with your preferred stone and place the ring either in the centre or offset to one side.

We’ve many stone options like cracked gravel, basalt, or even limestone spalls. The pictures show Ord River stone (our favourite for this) and also Summer stone.

Our fire pit was made in WA. Come in and take a look! We’ll even fire it up for you!!!

Sizes available – 1200mm diameter. Items may not be in stock at all times.



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