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Gabion Baskets
Gabion Baskets
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Looking for something unique as a new retaining or feature wall, garden seat or pier? Try the very popular new trend, gabion baskets.

Gabion baskets are essentially panels of galvanised steel mesh which are secured together to create a ‘box’ or basket. The basket is placed in the desired position and then filled with a heavy material, usually loose stone. The basket lid is then secured shut. The weight of a filled basket can act as a retaining wall or would look fantastic when seen from all sides as a feature wall or even a garden seat. Any sort of heavy material can be used like stone, recycled builder’s rubble, timber logs, bricks or scrap steel.

We have some completed models on display at Creation if you want a closer look. Currently, we have the baskets available in 3 sizes and prove cost effective when building them yourself. We can show you how to construct and fill the baskets, it’s pretty easy and would be a rewarding and striking DIY project.

There are plenty of great examples of gabion work around Perth and soon you’ll be able to see them set up in our new feature area currently under construction. In the meantime we would encourage you to look at Google Images and Pinterest to see some fantastic examples of how gabion baskets can really make your landscape.

Of course we have a full range of suitable stone to fill your gabion including Ord River Stone, South West River Stone, Limestone Spalls, Moss Rock etc etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need advice.

We offer gabions in stock in the following sizes. (note that if you require thinner gabions you can cut them down to suit.) All gabion baskets are galfan coated extending the life span of the product over normal galvanised steel.

– 525mm x 525mm x 525mm

– 970mm x 525mm x 525mm

– 2025mm x 525mm x 525mm


– 525mm x 525mm x 300mm

– 970mm x 525mm x 300mm

-2025mm x 525mm x 300mm

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