Glazed Opal Green Egg Shape

Glazed Opal Green Egg Shape
Glazed Opal Green Egg Shape
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Exciting new pieces and colours in our very first glazed pottery range. These glazes are unique to us and aren’t available anywhere else in Australia. These glazes are completely unique and no other manufacturer can match the quality of glaze achieved here.

The contemporary glazes are colourful and exciting. No two pieces are the same as during the glaze process some minor differences occur in the finished colour and pattern. These high fired pots are all handmade using centuries old techniques by skilled craftsmen.

Available in 5 sizes…

600mm H x 650mm D, 450mm H x 500mm D, 350mm H x 400mm D,                      270mm H x 290mm D, 200mm H x 220mm x D

We are open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm. Call us on 9335 7383 if you have questions about our pots or anything landscaping. Alternatively use the inquiry fields below to send your questions.

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