Soilbond Stabilising Emulsion

Soilbond Stabilising Emulsion
Soilbond Stabilising Emulsion
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Soilbond A01 emulsion is a product used to bind gravel fines together under compaction to allow effective stabilisation of roads, car parks, paths, tracks, driveways, courtyards and public open space areas.

Many of our customers have wanted to use gravel fines within their landscape for a path or terrace but had concerns about how it performs over time. Water, wind and the amount of traffic it receives will obviously have a part in the longevity of the application. Soilbond provides a unique solution to wear and tear issues caused by the elements and traffic by forming a thick surface crust that still allows water penetration / drainage and reduces the wear of surface traffic considerably. That’s important because the lifespan of the application is increased without the need for constant redressing of the surface. 

The principle ingredient of Soilbond is a by-product from the processing of timber to produce pulp for paper products. 

When Soilbond is batched at the correct ratio with gravel fines, excellent binding occurs when the product is compacted or heavy rolled.  The gravel fines pack down hard and stabilise.  This will protect against rain washouts, tyre ruts from vehicle traffic and shoulder erosion while at the same time still draining really well.  Soilbond can be used with the three gravel fines products we stock here.  Soilbond is non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and will not change the colour of the gravel. 

Suitable for terraces and paths, driveways and verge landings or light vehicle car parks, this product is surprisingly cost effective when compared to paving, bitumen or concrete solutions. In fact in the raw the material cost can be as low as $20 per square metre for foot traffic applications. Not only does it cost less as a raw construction component it can be installed without the need for specialised skills. If you can operate a compactor, you can do the install yourself. Please forward your questions via the enquiry fields below or call us at the yard on 9335 7383 for all the advice you need on making it happen.

We offer batch Soilbond with Summerstone Fines (Cream) , Fine Quarry Gravel (Burnt Orange) and Blue Metal Fines (Grey).

Soilbond is sold at our yard and we offer mixing (batching) and of course delivery city wide.  Ask one of our trained staff about Soilbond – the gravel stabiliser.

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