Summerstone Fines

Summerstone Fines
Summerstone Fines
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Summerstone Fines is finely crushed quartz that looks terrific when compacted in pathways and driveways.  They best way to describe the appearance is that of crushed up sea shells mixed with beach sand.  It feels great under foot and lends itself to a relaxed, informal landscape situation.  Summerstone Fines has been used to great effect in many residential and commercial projects including Wireless Hill in Ardross and the Supreme Court Gardens in the city.

Summerstone fines needs to be compacted into the ground at a compacted depth of 50mm for foot traffic and 100mm for light vehicle traffic. It is highly recommended that a compacted sub-base of crushed limestone or blue metal road base in is installed at a similar depth prior to applying the Summerstone fines surface. It is not recommended to apply directly on to soft sand. Be aware that the fines will compact around 20% meaning that you’ll need to order an extra 20% to reach your finished height. 6 – 7 good passes with a plate compactor will give you the best result. DIY level installation.

Best applied to areas that are level, the fines has great drainage properties meaning water doesn’t pool on the finished surface. Provided that the area is level and well compacted you’ll achieve a long lasting surface that is a great natural looking alternative to paving or poured limestone.

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