Grow Safe Mineral Fertiliser

Grow Safe Mineral Fertiliser
Grow Safe Mineral Fertiliser
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Grow Safe® mineral fertiliser is a high performance system that tackles soil health, plant nutrition and sustainable food quality. It comprises a range of fertiliser products that stimulate root growth to deliver premium quality plants that are rich in nutrients.

Grow Safe fertiliser is an efficient all rounder because it control releases the nutrients throughout the year and are suited a range of applications and conditions. Grow Safe is non toxic, water saving and completely non harmful to our environment.

  • Trusted by commercial growers, savvy home gardeners and local councils.
  • Evidence from 15 years of vigorous research and independent trials consistently show superior results and that plants can be grown in a safe, natural way using Grow Safe®.
  • Non-toxic, sustains high yields, reduces water usage and improves nutrition.
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