No Frills Organic Rock Dust Plus

No Frills Organic Rock Dust Plus
No Frills Organic Rock Dust Plus
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No Frills is a Western Australian brand owned and operated by a passionate family based in Margaret River. Having run a sustainable soil consultancy firm in the southwest for nearly 20 years, the move into organic soil amendments was a natural progression for them.

All products are formulated with WA soils in mind. They are designed to re-mineralise the ancient soils that we have and to also stimulate soil microbes to build fertility.


The reason it works is that it contains the complete spectrum of nutrients, minerals and trace elements required by any soil and all plants. Although designed for edible crops it also works for natives, flowering plants, trees and even lawns. One of the secrets of the effectiveness is the degree of fineness. This gives rise to an immense surface area that interacts with soil particles more efficiently whilst supplying sustained benefits.

> A little bit is often the key

> It does for the soil what a multi vitamin does for humans

> Re-mineralises the soil, producing nutrient rich food

> Provides instant energy for soil microbes

> Has a cumulative effect

> Reduces water use

> 150g to 200g treats up to 1m2


Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg containers.


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