Forest Mulch

Forest Mulch
Forest Mulch
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We have a new Forest Mulch available in the yard for deliveries or pick up around Perth and Fremantle. This wonderfully rich Forest Mulch is a chunky and light mulch which is very dark in colour and looks very nice when applied in your garden beds.

As with most mulches, your optimal application depth is 50mm or more. This will keep the moisture in the soil during warmer times, trap in vital nutrients in the soil below, and best of all… keep out those weeds we all hate. During the Perth spring and summer our sandy soils are thirsty. Using a good quality mulch will help you lower your watering costs.

Over time, the Forest mulch will break down and go some way to improving the soil. Suitable for all garden types, Forest is a versatile mulch and is also reasonably priced.

We sell Forest Mulch in bags, loose or in 1m3 bulk bags. We have a number of mulch options here in the yard if Jungle Mulch isn’t right for you. You can get all the advice you need from our trained staff in store or call us Monday to Saturday 8am to 4pm on 9335 7383 or complete the fields below to email us.

All of our mulch products come from suppliers considered industry leaders. We only offer premium quality products in our yard. There are other yards that carry cheaper products of lesser quality. If the quality of the mulch you want is important to you then there isn’t anything available on the market that is better than what we offer.

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