Pure Black Mulch

Pure Black Mulch
Pure Black Mulch
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Pure black mulch is now available here from Creation Landscape Supplies. A coarser version of the fine black mulch and it comes available in 30ltr bags, loose and in 1m3 bulk bags.

Your soil is one of your exteriors most important assests. Pure black mulch is a robust, medium to coarse dark mulch that creates a natural protective blanket for sustained water use and efficiently and growth. Pure black mulch is pasteurised through a quality assured composting process to destroy viable seeds, plant pathogens and diseases, creating a safe and effective solution for all professional and domestic applications.

– improves water infiltration and irrigation efficiency

– reduces soil moisture loss and plant stress in summer

– stabilises soil temperature for better year round growth

– stimulates soil biology for better disease suppression

– blankets out weeds, reducing competition for inputs

– protects soil from wind and water erosion

– delivers robust performance at a competitive cost

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