Redgum Wood Chip Mulch

Redgum Wood Chip Mulch
Redgum Wood Chip Mulch
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Perth, you’ve been asking for it and we’ve decided to supply Redgum Wood Chip Mulch down here at Creation effective immediately. We understand the appeal of this product as when it is down on the ground it does look very very good. The rich red and brown colours are vibrant.

Given the large particle size of this mulch there is value in the product by way of it holding it’s composition a lot longer than a finer particle mulch. Obviously, you could expect good soil water retention which such large chips in the mulch but the real benefits may be in keeping the weeds down right now. Wood chip mulch will also keep the soil cooler in the hotter months.

This attractive mulch will eventually fade over an extended time however you would expect that from any timber based chip mulch that is naturally coloured and not artificially or chemically coloured. Used with great effect in landscape gardens and in pots. Come down to Creation Landscape Supplies 139 Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle Mon – Sat 8am – 4pm or call us 08 9335 7383

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