Concrete Low Bowl Planters

Just arrived in our new feature pot section are these amazing concrete low bowl planters.

Made from fiberglass and concrete these mid weight low bowl planters are perfect for succulents, herbs, cactus and spring / summer flowering plants. Their composition means that they’re 50% lighter than concrete but still have the durability and strength.

Concrete pots are bang on trend right now and go well in most situations, indoors and out. We have a large display of succulents in our bowls down here in the yard. They look amazing planted out. Come down and see them up close.

There are 3 sizes in the concrete low bowl range.

Large – 70cm diameter / 25cm height.

Medium – 59cm diameter / 22cm height.

Small – 49cm diameter / 17cm height


Forest Mulch

We have a new Forest Mulch available in the yard for deliveries or pick up around Perth and Fremantle. This wonderfully rich Forest Mulch is a chunky and light mulch which is very dark in colour and looks very nice when applied in your garden beds.

As with most mulches, your optimal application depth is 50mm or more. This will keep the moisture in the soil during warmer times, trap in vital nutrients in the soil below, and best of all… keep out those weeds we all hate. During the Perth spring and summer our sandy soils are thirsty. Using a good quality mulch will help you lower your watering costs.

Over time, the Forest mulch will break down and go some way to improving the soil. Suitable for all garden types, Forest is a versatile mulch and is also reasonably priced.

We sell Forest Mulch in bags, loose or in 1m3 bulk bags. We have a number of mulch options here in the yard if Jungle Mulch isn’t right for you. You can get all the advice you need from our trained staff in store or call us Monday to Saturday 8am to 4pm on 9335 7383 or complete the fields below to email us.

All of our mulch products come from suppliers considered industry leaders. We only offer premium quality products in our yard. There are other yards that carry cheaper products of lesser quality. If the quality of the mulch you want is important to you then there isn’t anything available on the market that is better than what we offer.

Click here to see our full range of mulch products.

StraightCurve Edging

Corten steel landscape edging has been around for a while now but with StraightCurve steel landscape edging you’ll find a new to market product directed at the DIY user and also for the professional landscaper.

What separates StraightCurve from it’s competitors is the fact that it is extremely easy to work with. We’ve just road tested it here in the store and have found that with just a few tools there’s a great deal of possibilities for your landscape.

This brilliant new product is ideal for edging pathways, garden beds or steps.  StraightCurve is made from “Weathering Steel” which will develop a rusty patina on the surface of the steel similar to Corten TM steel but will not rust out over time.

You’re able to do straight runs very simply as each length has a connecter piece already attached to one end.  Simply tek screw or pop rivet for a cleaner look and continue as needed. Corners are no problem either and creating a ring can be done in minutes. A clip in 300mm spike every metre will secure the edging firmly in the ground. It couldn’t be simpler.


– 2.2m length x 100mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

-2.2m length x 150mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.2m length x 150mm high in Galvanised Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.2m length x 100mm high in Galvanised Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.16m length x 240mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.16m length x 400mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

– 2.16m length x 560mm high in Weathered Steel – FLEXLINE

The 100mm & 150mm StraightCurve Flexline allows a very easy to shape flexible steel edge with an attached connector plate and guide holes for rapid and easy connection. Pegs lock in place with no need for screwing whilst the malleability of this edge make for a very easy installation experience. 150mm height is better for edging grasses that may be invasive. Each length has a double folded rounded top with no sharp edges which is great for playgrounds / child friendly areas.

The 240mm, 400mm and 560mm StraightCurve Flexline are the taller options with no visible screws on the face and unique anchoring methods to support the edges. The clean seam join itself is a design feature – sleek and discreet.!

Also available in HARDLINE

– 2.2m length x 100mm in Weathered Steel

– 2.2m length x 150mm in Weathered Steel

HARDLINE is a useful option where the entire job calls for perfectly straight lines. There is no flex in the product meaning 100% pure straight lines are guaranteed.

Also available in BOXLINE

– Small Corner Boxline – 325mm x 175mm

– Large Corner Boxline – 625mm x 475mm

– Straight Piece – 900m long.

BOXLINE is a modular planter box building system that makes building self supporting rectangular or square planter boxes a breeze. The system allows you to customise the height, length and width of your planter box project in a series of easy put together modular pieces. The height increments are in 200mm. The length and widths can be anything that fits the sizes shown above. It’s that simple. The cost of the planter boxes is probably half of what you would expect to pay if they were custom made at a metal fabrication shop.

Only a few simple tools are required to create your finished edging product. Your next edging project is limited only by your imagination.

Visit us and see our display in the yard, ask questions and get all the answers on StraightCurve,  Monday to Saturday 8am to 4pm or simply fill in the fields below and we can reply to you via email.


Soil Conditioner

Our Soil Conditioner is our cost effective compost that will provide nutrients and increased water holding capacity to your garden soil.  Although not as potent as our Premium Compost, Soil Conditioner is a great soil amendment for natives and hardy exotics, opening up your sandy soil to reduce runoff, improve soil aeration and assist with non-wetting.  An excellent value compost. 

 We offer free trailer hire to get your soil conditioner home.

To see our full range of soils click here




Redgum Wood Chip Mulch

Perth, you’ve been asking for it and we’ve decided to supply Redgum Wood Chip Mulch down here at Creation effective immediately. We understand the appeal of this product as when it is down on the ground it does look very very good. The rich red and brown colours are vibrant.

Given the large particle size of this mulch there is value in the product by way of it holding it’s composition a lot longer than a finer particle mulch. Obviously, you could expect good soil water retention which such large chips in the mulch but the real benefits may be in keeping the weeds down right now. Wood chip mulch will also keep the soil cooler in the hotter months.

This attractive mulch will eventually fade over an extended time however you would expect that from any timber based chip mulch that is naturally coloured and not artificially or chemically coloured. Used with great effect in landscape gardens and in pots. Come down to Creation Landscape Supplies 139 Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle Mon – Sat 8am – 4pm or call us 08 9335 7383

Please contact us if you have specific questions. We love to answer your enquiries!




Moss Rock Feature Boulders

Ranging from 300kg and up, our feature moss rocks can measure up to 3 metres in length and weigh over 2.5 tonnes. Used as imposing, free standing pieces in natural landscapes and often in water features, our moss rocks have always a good coverage of moss. Their irregular and sometimes unusual shapes will give your project that point of difference and focal point that only boulders of this size can. You can be assured that no two boulders are the same. 

Our truck and crane service means that we can get these readily mobile and often assist in the placement which takes out a lot of the hard work onsite. We have delivered these boulders all over Perth and WA and feature moss rocks continue to be popular in commercial and residential projects.

If you’re considering using moss rock boulders in your project and you need advice then please do get in contact via the form below or call us 08 9335 7383.  We’re here to help you make things happen.

Fire Pit

There’s something about a fire pit that we all love. It’s warming and visual properties can be astounding in a domestic landscape. There’s not a child on earth whose imagination and curiosity isn’t drawn towards a naked flame. The light given off burning wood can be spectacular in terms of atmosphere and mood.

We’ve made what we think is a beautiful, dominant and imposing landscape feature that will last for many years. The fire pit itself measures 1.2m across and is 19cm deep so it’s more of a dish than a pit. There’s an external steel ring that measure 1.9m across which is 20cm tall. Simply fill the steel ring with your preferred stone and place the ring either in the centre or offset to one side.

We’ve many stone options like cracked gravel, basalt, or even limestone spalls. The pictures show Ord River stone (our favourite for this) and also Summer stone.

Our fire pit was made in WA. Come in and take a look! We’ll even fire it up for you!!!

Sizes available – 1200mm diameter. Items may not be in stock at all times.



Trailer Hire

Our trailers are loaned free (1 hour) when you’re purchasing from the yard. However, should you need a hire trailer we have 2 types for hire here at Creation Landscape Supplies. (Subject to availability)

Our standard trailers are the 6 x 4 type. We also have 2 cage trailers available.

You may be required to provide ID for both loan and hire trailers. 

Cement Products

We stock cements in bulk here at Creation Landscape Suppiles.  General purpose grey and cream, brickies grey and brickies lite along with Danish white cement and hylime.  We also stock prepacked mortars and concretes like cream mortar, rapid set concrete and standard concrete.  Just add water to these and you are away.

  • – Cockburn Grey GP
  • – Cockburn Creme
  • – HYLIME
  • – Danish White (Allburg)
  • – Brickies Lite
  • – Brickies Grey
  • – Rapidset Concrete
  • – Creme Mortar Pack
  • – Concrete Pack


Gabion Baskets

Looking for something unique as a new retaining or feature wall, garden seat or pier? Try the very popular new trend, gabion baskets.

Gabion baskets are essentially panels of galvanised steel mesh which are secured together to create a ‘box’ or basket. The basket is placed in the desired position and then filled with a heavy material, usually loose stone. The basket lid is then secured shut. The weight of a filled basket can act as a retaining wall or would look fantastic when seen from all sides as a feature wall or even a garden seat. Any sort of heavy material can be used like stone, recycled builder’s rubble, timber logs, bricks or scrap steel.

We have some completed models on display at Creation if you want a closer look. Currently, we have the baskets available in 3 sizes and prove cost effective when building them yourself. We can show you how to construct and fill the baskets, it’s pretty easy and would be a rewarding and striking DIY project.

There are plenty of great examples of gabion work around Perth and soon you’ll be able to see them set up in our new feature area currently under construction. In the meantime we would encourage you to look at Google Images and Pinterest to see some fantastic examples of how gabion baskets can really make your landscape.

Of course we have a full range of suitable stone to fill your gabion including Ord River Stone, South West River Stone, Limestone Spalls, Moss Rock etc etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need advice.

We offer gabions in stock in the following sizes. (note that if you require thinner gabions you can cut them down to suit.) All gabion baskets are galfan coated extending the life span of the product over normal galvanised steel.

– 525mm x 525mm x 525mm

– 970mm x 525mm x 525mm

– 2025mm x 525mm x 525mm


– 525mm x 525mm x 300mm

– 970mm x 525mm x 300mm

-2025mm x 525mm x 300mm

 Use the fields below to contact us with any questions you may have regarding gabions.


Concrete Garden Slabs

Used in lots of situations, the common garden slab is available in three colours here at Creation.  At 500 mm x 500 mm in size and 40 mm thick, these slabs are not suitable for vehicle traffic but more for paths, pedestrian paving, under clothes lines, as a floor for garden sheds etc.  The cost effective way to pave.

South West River Stone – Size 4

270mm to 400mm 

The feature stone of the South West range.  The biggest can weigh up to 60 kg and really finish off the creek bed landscape when placed correctly.  Come in to our yard and feast your eyes on these beauties.  Sold in one tonne bags at Creation.

South West River Stone – Size 3

150mm to 270mm

Size 3 South West are generally used more sparingly than smaller sizes, with a ‘less is more’ approach to help them stand out a little.  This size tends to become more of a ‘flying saucer’ shape up to about the size of a small dinner plate.  Great colours again in this size.  Available in one tonne bulk bags.

South West River Stone – Size 2

90mm to 150 mm

As the sizes get bigger, each stone starts to come into its own.  Size 2 seems the best size for gabion baskets, garden edging, door stops and rock painting.  This size also works well in the bottom of water features and roughly strewn through a creek bed landscape.  Sold in 1 tonne bulk bags.


South West River Stone – Size 1

40mm to 90mm

Colours of grey, light brown, cream and salmon pink really come out in this size of South West.  Size 1 is available in bulk and hence cheaper than the other sizes.  This 40 to 90mm size is perfect for gabion baskets, water features and to add to creek beds over the top of the base screenings layer.


S/West River Stone Screenings

Screenings – 20 to 40 mm

This size of South West is perfect for a base layer to a dry creek bed or running stream landscape as it mimics an authentic river bed with broken sharp stones mixed with smooth smaller stones.  We have this size in one tonne bulk bags.