S/West River Stone – Tumbled

Tumbled – 10mm to 20mm

The smallest of the South West range, tumbled is a beaut little mix of creams and pinks with a smooth edge to the stone which allows bare foot traffic.  The small size of this stone allows it to cover very evenly.  Looks great in pots and planters and works well when mixed in with other South West sizes.  Available in one tonne bulk bags.

Reconstituted Limestone Blocks

Constructed using crushed limestone and cream cement and pressed into a mould, reconstituted limestone blocks are a strong, uniform alternative to natural blocks.  A more clinical finish is achieved when using reconstituted blocks because every block is exactly the same size, unlike natural blocks where imperfections appear.  Plenty of blocks to choose from down at Creation, feel free to pop in and have a look around.

Our current stock sizes are as follows…

500mm x 350mm x 240mm

500mm x 350mm x 200mm

500mm x 350mm x 150mm

500mm x 300mm x 100mm

500mm x 250mm x 100mm

500mm x 160mm x 90mm (bevelled top)

Natural Limestone Blocks

Iconic to the Fremantle region, limestone is a traditional and versatile building material that’s been used for more than a century and has stood the test of time.  Never seeming to go out of fashion, natural limestone blocks are one of the easiest and attractive ways to enhance your home and garden.  Available in several sizes and in any quantity, our trained staff will happily assist you in selecting the correct size block for your task.

Our current stock sizes are as follows…

500mm x 350mm x 240mm

500mm x 350mm x 200mm

500mm x 350mm x 165mm

500mm x 350mm x 120mm

500mm x 170mm x 240mm (splits)

500mm x 245mm x 100mm (diamond cut)

Limestone Spalls

150mm to 300mm

Also known spoils or limestone ‘rubble’, spalls can really enhance a job and are a perfect choice if you like limestone but want to get away from standard dimension blocks.  Spalls are commonly used in walls, rockeries and gabion baskets.  Still a cost effective building product, spalls are here in bulk quantities.

Moss Rock

Moss Rock continues to be a popular choice amongst landscape designers and gardeners.  Moss Rock is heavy and rugged looking, attracting moss through the cooler months and look at its best garden setting.  Smaller Moss Rock is used in rockeries, as garden edging and look fantastic in gabion baskets.  Larger rock is used in wall building, water features or as a focal point in the garden.  We keep a small selection of feature rock too.  Available in large quantities.

Soilbond Stabilising Emulsion

Soilbond A01 emulsion is a product used to bind gravel fines together under compaction to allow effective stabilisation of roads, car parks, paths, tracks, driveways, courtyards and public open space areas.

Many of our customers have wanted to use gravel fines within their landscape for a path or terrace but had concerns about how it performs over time. Water, wind and the amount of traffic it receives will obviously have a part in the longevity of the application. Soilbond provides a unique solution to wear and tear issues caused by the elements and traffic by forming a thick surface crust that still allows water penetration / drainage and reduces the wear of surface traffic considerably. That’s important because the lifespan of the application is increased without the need for constant redressing of the surface. 

The principle ingredient of Soilbond is a by-product from the processing of timber to produce pulp for paper products. 

When Soilbond is batched at the correct ratio with gravel fines, excellent binding occurs when the product is compacted or heavy rolled.  The gravel fines pack down hard and stabilise.  This will protect against rain washouts, tyre ruts from vehicle traffic and shoulder erosion while at the same time still draining really well.  Soilbond can be used with the three gravel fines products we stock here.  Soilbond is non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and will not change the colour of the gravel. 

Suitable for terraces and paths, driveways and verge landings or light vehicle car parks, this product is surprisingly cost effective when compared to paving, bitumen or concrete solutions. In fact in the raw the material cost can be as low as $20 per square metre for foot traffic applications. Not only does it cost less as a raw construction component it can be installed without the need for specialised skills. If you can operate a compactor, you can do the install yourself. Please forward your questions via the enquiry fields below or call us at the yard on 9335 7383 for all the advice you need on making it happen.

We offer batch Soilbond with Summerstone Fines (Cream) , Fine Quarry Gravel (Burnt Orange) and Blue Metal Fines (Grey).

Soilbond is sold at our yard and we offer mixing (batching) and of course delivery city wide.  Ask one of our trained staff about Soilbond – the gravel stabiliser.

Cracker Dust

Also known as decomposed granite, blue metal dust or crusher dust.  This is a fine crushing of our local blue metal.  It is commonly used as a base for artificial lawns, in paving screeds and also can be used in pathways and driveways.  Compacts down really well while still allowing good drainage.  Cost effective and available in bulk.

Fine Quarry Gravel

Giving a true country Australian feel, Fine Quarry Gravel is one of our best selling products.  This rich, burnt orange gravel is popular in native gardens as a compacted informal meandering path and in compacted driveways to achieve the country homestead look.

This product was used in Ardross at Wireless Hill if you want a closer look or visit our yard in North Fremantle where the fines are installed in our display.  Well priced and another bulk item at our yard.

Installation of this product is DIY level and a fantastic result can be achieved by anyone who can operate a compactor.

Summerstone Fines

Summerstone Fines is finely crushed quartz that looks terrific when compacted in pathways and driveways.  They best way to describe the appearance is that of crushed up sea shells mixed with beach sand.  It feels great under foot and lends itself to a relaxed, informal landscape situation.  Summerstone Fines has been used to great effect in many residential and commercial projects including Wireless Hill in Ardross and the Supreme Court Gardens in the city.

Summerstone fines needs to be compacted into the ground at a compacted depth of 50mm for foot traffic and 100mm for light vehicle traffic. It is highly recommended that a compacted sub-base of crushed limestone or blue metal road base in is installed at a similar depth prior to applying the Summerstone fines surface. It is not recommended to apply directly on to soft sand. Be aware that the fines will compact around 20% meaning that you’ll need to order an extra 20% to reach your finished height. 6 – 7 good passes with a plate compactor will give you the best result. DIY level installation.

Best applied to areas that are level, the fines has great drainage properties meaning water doesn’t pool on the finished surface. Provided that the area is level and well compacted you’ll achieve a long lasting surface that is a great natural looking alternative to paving or poured limestone.

Call us for more information. 9335 7383

Blue Metal Roadbase

This is a combination of various sizes of blue metal mixed in with blue metal dust,  As the name suggests, this mix binds together really well when compacted to make a terrific roadbase underneath paving etc..  Some tradesmen also use this to make concrete, they just add cement and water.  Locally supplied and stocked in bulk.

Blue Metal – 14mm

14 mm Blue Metal’s main application is the aggregate in concrete.  It is also used to assist with drainage in soakwells, pots and planters.  This size can also serve as a pale grey decorative mulch in the garden.  Bulk supply available here at Creation.

Blue Metal – 7mm

Generally used as the aggregate in concrete for footings, cavity filling, pads, driveways etc.  This 7 mm size may be used in concretes, at the bottom of pots or planters to assist with drainage or even as cheap decorative mulch or path.  Locally sourced and available in bulk.

Limestone Roadbase – 10mm

Also known as crushed limestone, this is stocked in bulk in our North Fremantle yard.  It’s common uses are as a roadbase under paths and driveways, in poured limestone concrete and compacted loose to make an informal track or path.

Basalt – 20mm

Basalt’s main application is as decorative mulch or in water features.  It’s dark appearance particularly when wet, is a cost effective but stylish alternative to black riverstone.  Here in bulk supply at Creation.


Rainbow Stone – 16 to 25mm

We introduced this size a couple of years ago.  This larger size look grey compared to smaller Rainbow but is still really attractive.  Used for the same purposes as the smaller Rainbow, also in ponds and in drainage strips along fencelines etc.

Rainbow Stone – 7 to 16mm

One of our most popular gravels, Rainbow Stone is light coloured, predominately cream coloured quartz gravel that has many uses in today’s landscapes.  Available in Bulk, Rainbow Stone is used as a decorative mulch, in pathways and in exposed aggregate concrete applications.