Cracked Pea Gravel – 12mm

Available in bulk, Cracked Pea Gravel is a crushed angular gravel which works well in native landscapes.  This is a great product for the budget conscious.  Still really popular, Cracked Pea Gravel can be used as a decorative mulch, as a driveway or an informal pathway.

Summerstone – 20 to 30mm

A proven winner over a long period, our Summerstone is a whiter version of the Rainbow stone.  Suitable for large or small garden applications, Summerstone will attain a crisp finish as a decorative mulch to your garden situation.  We stock this in bulk at Creation.

Bentonite Clay

Although not a fertiliser as such, we’ve put bentonite clay in this section as it is a fantastic soil improver.  Add this to your sandy soil to achieve rapid and long lasting benefits for soil health and water efficiency.  Our unimproved coastal sandy soils contain almost no clay.  The addition of clay at 3% of the volume of sand will give you critical advantages in water retention, soil wettability, crumb structure and nutrient retention.  Coupled with compost and manure addition, you will achieve a rich, fertile growing medium for your next landscaping project.  Bulk amounts at better rates can be arranged for larger projects. 

Bagged Manures

Our bagged manures come to you from Mumballup Organics.

We offer 36 litre bags of the following…

– Mumballup Sheep Manure – Natural slow release fertiliser. Not pulverised.

– Mumballup Cow Manure – Can assist with soil structure, moisture retention, aeration and earthworm activity that replenishes essential elements to the soil.

– Mulballup Mumby Magic (Blended pig / Chicken / Sheep) – Ideal for rejuvenating veggie gardens or any garden beds including raised beds. Can be mixed with existing soils or spread to use as a slow release fertiliser.




Premium Compost

Our most advanced and effective soil improver, Premium Compost is an all in one plant feeder and soil builder.  Highly recommended as mulch to feed your nutrient hungry exotic plants and used also as a turn in compost for sandy soils prior to planting out.  Premium Compost releases nutrients quickly, improves soil aeration and is easy to spread around.  Use more sparingly if applying this compost to smaller, developing native plants.

Key benefits…

– Easy to spread dual purpose product

– Efficient water management

– Quick release of nutrients

– Improves soil aeration

Made from various sources of organic materials such as green waste, food waste, and animal manures, these products go through a controlled process of aerobic composting to become high value carbon.

Premium compost has a naturally high water holding capacity which maintains soil moisture for extended periods and stimulates soil biology that creates soil structure.

We deliver all around Perth and beyond for larger compost orders…from 30 litre bags, large bulker bags to semi-trailer loads and everything in between.  Alternatively, feel free to come down and use our complimentary trailers when you purchase your supplies.

Fine Black Mulch

Without doubt our best looking mulch, Fine Black Mulch is a beaut mix of Karri fines, pig and chicken manure, crushed pine slithers and rich screened black soil.  This looks beautiful when applied and has the benefits of composted manures, making it a true feeding mulch.  Not suitable in windy conditions due to its fine composition.  Another bulk item at Creation. Give us a call now on 9335 7383.

Pine Bark Mulch

Always popular, Pine Bark Mulch is fantastic looking and long lasting.  Its look lends itself to native gardens, windy areas and high traffic spots. Over the years we have supplied and delivered pine bark mulch to Kings Park  Leaf litter falling from trees above tend to blend in rather than sticking out like it does with the black mulches. This is a true, super high quality pine bark mulch.

All of our mulch products come from suppliers considered industry leaders. We only offer premium quality products in our yard. There are other yards that carry cheaper products of lesser quality. If the quality of the mulch you want is important to you then there isn’t anything available on the market that is better than what we offer.

 Give us a call now on 9335 7383.

Native Mix

Native Mix is a blended soil and local sand mix, suited to West Australian native plants.  The mix is a much sandier blend than Landscape Mix consisting of local sand with small amounts of peat, crushed and graded pine bark and chicken manure added to provide a free draining soil with sufficient water holding retention and nutrients to successfully grow natives.   Native Mix complies with the Australian Standard No. 4419 for landscaping soils.

 Give us a call now for Native Mix on 9335 7383.         

Potting Mix

Potting Mix consists of ‘A’ grade pinebark, locally sourced jarrah sawdust and riversand.  Minor trace elements are contained in this mix but the addition of a quality slow release fertiliser is required.  As the name suggests potting mix is an open mix, great for pots and planter boxes.  Available in bulk supply. Give us a call now on 9335 7383.

Vegie Mix

Vegie Mix is the perfect soil for your herbs and vegies to thrive, Vegie Mix is a blend of our Landscape Mix and Premium Compost.  The friable structure of Landscape Mix mixed with the nutrient rich, fast acting Premium Compost will ensure vigorous and healthy edibles.  Don’t forget your liquid feeds during the growth and bloom stages to get maximum results.

Each planting of vegetables will be growing in the same invigorated Vegie Mix and produce bountiful crops season after season.

 To see our full range of soils click here

Lawn Mix

Lawn Mix is a blended sand based soil is designed for dual use as a lawn underlay before the new rolls or runners go on top or as a lawn top dresser for uneven and thin lawns.  Perfect for filling up divots and holes through wear and tear and curious dogs!  The free draining sand part of the mix acts to create a long term base for the lawn and the compost portion helps the roots take hold quickly.  Lawn Mix is best applied as a top dresser in the growing season of September through to April.

We deliver any quantity around Perth or you may take advantage of our complementary trailers when you buy your Lawn Mix from Creation. Also available in 25 kg bags. Give us a call now on 9335 7383.

Garden Landscape Mix

Garden Landscape Mix is an open and friable blended soil composed of crushed and graded pine bark, chicken manure, peat, tub ground mill waste and topsoil. 

We recommend this soil for planting straight into for new garden beds and general purpose planting.  Not particularly suited to natives unless they are larger and more established.  We offer a Native Mix for smaller, more sensitive native plants.  Landscape Mix complies with the Australian Standard No. 4454 for landscaping composts and soil conditioners.

Builders Mix

Builders Mix consists of 50% plasterers sand and 50% 14 mm blue metal.  This is pre-mixed here on site for your convenience when needing to make concrete.  Just add cement and water and you’re in business.  Ask us to help you with your quantity requirements.

We can deliver any quantity required around Perth 6 days a week or feel free to come in and take advantage of our complimentary trailers. Give us a call now on 9335 7383.

White Sand

Locally sourced white sand or ‘play ground’ sand is mainly used as soft fall for children’s play areas and sand pits.  It is also used in mortar to lighten up the colour and to sweep into the gaps between brick pavers to help lock them in place and give the job a clean finish.

We sell white sand to many Perth schools, local councils and kindergartens / child care centres and play groups for sand pits and playgrounds.  Available for delivery 6 days a week and also available in bulk and 25 kilo bags down at the yard. Come in and take advantage of our complementary trailers when you buy your supplies from Creation Landscape Supplies. Give us a call now on 9335 7383.

Clean Fill Sand

A cheaper yellow sand that’s ideal for back filling of large areas. Clean fill sand compacts down well while still achieving good drainage. It really is the same sand as brickies but it isn’t as screened. If you’re looking to build up an area after excavation or levelling then this is your best and most cost effective solution.

We deliver clean fill sand all over Perth. If you need smaller quantities then feel free to come down and take advantage of our complementary loan trailers. Also available in 25 kilo bags. Give us a call now on 9335 7383.

Brickies Sand

Locally sourced in Perth, brickies sand is used in mortar for brick and block laying, as a base under paving and also to fill in holes or dips in lawns. A high quality product our brickies sand is available from semi loads, to 25 kg bags and everything in between. We deliver brickies sand all over Perth or come in and take advantage of our loan trailers when you purchase you sand from the yard! Give us a call now on 9335 7383.

We are located at 139 Stirling Hwy North Fremantle. Our trading hours are MON – SAT 8am to 4pm.

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