Gascoyne Stone – 10mm – 20mm

Gascoyne Stone – 10mm – 20mm
Gascoyne Stone – 10mm – 20mm
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New in store is Gascoyne River Stone in a 40mm – 90mm river stone. This new product is a WA local and is available in bulk and bags.

We love the colours in this stone. If you are seeking to create a very natural bush or native look in your landscaping project then you can’t look past this local winner.

Colours are typically north west, ranging from dark brown to black, some red and ochre hues and some pale yellows to white pebbles.

This pebble size is perfect for creating paths and open stone mulched areas. The earthy tones will allow you to create a very natural looking bush path or use it in between pavers as a filling stone. The size is great for walking on and it’s mostly rounded so safe for little bare feet.

Please visit us, call, or use the inquiry form on the bottom of this page to find out more about Gascoyne Stone. 9335 7383


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