Trucks & Deliveries

  • 12 Tonne Truck with Rear Mounted Crane
    12 Tonne Truck with Rear Mounted Crane

    This truck can carry pallets of limestone, cement, paving, sleepers, bricks, one tonne bulk bags and large feature stones. The rear mounted crane allows for good access. The crane can reach 7 metres in a straight line with a one tonne load. The crane can safely lift 2.3 tonne but has no reach with this load.  This truck is available for outside contract jobs also. Please call 9335 7383 for hourly rates. 

    Truck Dimensions – 9.5 m long, 3 m wide and 3.5 m high. 

  • 8 Tonne Tip Truck
    8 Tonne Tip Truck

    We have just taken delivery on a brand new 8 tonne capacity UD tip truck.

    There’s now a capacity of up to 6m3 of heavy materials like gravels (including fines), stone, sands and mixed blends like lawn mix, landscape mix and builders mix.

    With lighter materials such as composts, manures and mulches the truck can bring 12m3.

    Truck Dimensions – 7.1 m long, 2.9 m wide and 2.9 m high. 

  • 3 Tonne Tip Truck
    3 Tonne Tip Truck

    Perfect for little loads and where space might be a bit tight. This truck can carry up to 2.5 cubic metres of heavy material like sands or gravels and up to 5 cubic metres of lighter materials like mulches or composts. 

    Truck Dimensions – 5.9 m long, 2.8 m wide and 2.3 m high.