Soil Amendments


The Perth coastal plain is renowned for its sandy water repellent soils that are deficient in many nutrients and lack of nutrient holding capacity.  Creation Landscape Supplies stocks a range of premium soil amendments to build up the quality of your soils to make your gardens flourish in even the toughest conditions.

Aussie Organics Composted Cow Manure

Composted cow manure can assist with building soil structure, moisture retention, aeration and earthworm activity that replenishes essential elements to the soil.

Available in 30L take-home bags.

Watheroo WA Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay, together with organic matter, improves the soil structure, water and nutrient retention, moisture retention and soil biological activity. Assists with pH adjustment for acid soils and supplies calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Use in conjunction with compost, manures and organic matter as a cost-efficient and effective way to upgrade your garden soils without the unnecessary hassle and expense of purchasing commercial top-soil and/or the removal of the existing sandy soils.

Suitable for lawns, vegetables gardens, shrubs, and potted plants.

Available in 20kg take-home bags through our online store.

Grow Safe Slow Release Fertiliser

Grow Safe® is slow-release and biologically compatible with soil microbes that help fix organic matter in the soil – boosting soil structure and preserving soil health.

Grow Safe® fertiliser is safe to use around your home as it is non-toxic, safe for waterways  and contain natural rock-mineral ores – making them safe to use around children and pets.

Available in 10kg take-home bags.

Aussie Organics Blended Manure

The Blended Manure is pulverised for easy application. It’s an all-purposes organic fertiliser, suitable for fertilising trees, shrubs, lawn, vegetables and flower gardens – with the exception of Azealia’sw, Camellia’s, Ferns and Australian Native Plants.

Aussie Organics Multi Mix encourages vigorous and healthy plant growth. The Blended Manure is composted and screened and can be used as a general fertiliser, soil conditioner or soil improver. It’s a natural and organic product that will encourage worm activity in the soil, which in turn improves soil structure. 


Chillagoe Horticultural Perlite is a versatile, lightweight, and sterile substrate designed to optimize plant growth in various applications. Sourced from naturally occurring volcanic rock, this perlite is the perfect solution for plant nurseries, agricultural operations, and professional gardeners looking for an easy-to-use and effective growing medium.

  1. Enhances Soil Aeration: The unique irregular shape of Chillagoe Perlite separates soil particles, allowing air to circulate freely and reach even the smallest roots. This promotes healthy root development and overall plant growth.
  2. Retains Moisture: With exceptional water-holding capabilities, Chillagoe Perlite slowly releases nutrients, ensuring that plants have access to the moisture they need when they need it.
  3. Optimises Propagation: Proven to excel in soilless growing applications, Chillagoe Perlite maintains the perfect water/air balance for superior plant growth, making it an ideal propagating medium.
  4. Permanent and Non-Toxic: Made from natural volcanic rock, Chillagoe Perlite is permanent, non-toxic, and will never rot or dissolve.
  5. Neutral pH and Sterile: With a neutral pH and sterile composition, Chillagoe Perlite is free from diseases and weeds, making it perfect for horticultural use.
  6. Insulates Soil: The air bubbles within Chillagoe Perlite provide excellent insulation properties, minimizing temperature fluctuations and protecting plant roots from sudden changes.

Available in 100L bags.

Soil Dynamics - Home Organics

Home Organics is organic and sustainable from product to packing. Home Organics is a safer and healthier fertiliser alternative that is good for the environment that is toxic, chemical, and synthetic free. Our NASAA approved organic fertilisers are crafted in Western Australia and designed by agronomists with a very basic goal in mind – restore the planet with easy-to-use in-puts, so future generations can thrive.

The healthier your soil, the healthier your plants.

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