Soil Amendments


The Perth coastal plain is renowned for its sandy water repellent soils that are deficient in many nutrients and lack of nutrient holding capacity.  Creation Landscape Supplies stocks a range of premium soil amendments to build up the quality of your soils to make your gardens flourish in even the toughest conditions.

Mumballup Mumby Magic Blended Manure

A magic blend of pig (70%), chicken (10%) and sheep (20%) manures, along with peat and Mumby compost.

Ideal for rejuvenating vegetable patches and raised garden beds.  Can be mixed in to build up existing soils or spread to use a slow release fertiliser.

Available in 36L take-home bags.

Mumballup Composted Cow Manure

Composted cow manure can assist with building soil structure, moisture retention, aeration and earthworm activity that replenishes essential elements to the soil.

Available in 36L take-home bags.

Watheroo WA Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay, together with organic matter, improves the soil structure, water and nutrient retention, moisture retention and soil biological activity. Assists with pH adjustment for acid soils and supplies calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Use in conjunction with compost, manures and organic matter as a cost-efficient and effective way to upgrade your garden soils without the unnecessary hassle and expense of purchasing commercial top-soil and/or the removal of the existing sandy soils.

Suitable for lawns, vegetables gardens, shrubs, and potted plants.

Available in 20kg take-home bags.

No Frills Fertilisers Rock Dust Plus

This is a unique mineral fertiliser made from volcanic rock dust.  It is a blend of 17 ingredients that provides both nutritional and physical benefits.  It is non-leaching, completely safe for rivers and waterways and will actually hold onto nutrients and water.

It is designed to be included primarily when planting edible crops and will add to the flavour and mineral density of home grown produce by imparting the nutrients, minerals and trace elements from rock dusts and its other ingredient.

Available in 5kg and 10kg buckets and 10kg and 20kg take-home bags.

No Frills Fertilisers Potassium Humate

No Frills Fertilisers’ Potassium Humate detoxifies chemicals and heavy metals, has the ability to penetrate sand and coat the sand granules building a bridge between soil nutrition and the plant, improves soil structure, increases nutrient uptake stimulates root development, great for lawns, one litre treats up to 400m³

Available in 1L bottles.

Grow Safe Slow Release Fertiliser

Grow Safe® is slow-release and biologically compatible with soil microbes that help fix organic matter in the soil – boosting soil structure and preserving soil health.

Grow Safe® fertiliser is safe to use around your home as it is non-toxic, safe for waterways  and contain natural rock-mineral ores – making them safe to use around children and pets.

Available in 10kg take-home bags.

Hort with Heart Lawn Love

Produces dark, emerald green colour lawns with slow-release nitrogen and chlorophyl builders to encourage healthy growth.  Developed to address the nutrient deficiencies found in alkaline sandy soils.  Made in Australia and suitable for all turf varieties.

Available in 2L click-on hose bottles (400m² coverage).

Hort with Heart Soak Up

Soak Up improves water retention and reduces hydrophobic conditions in soils with fast absorption of every drop of water.

Enriched with organic seaweed extracts and plant hormones to promote healthy growth.  A long-term, non-ionic surfactant that efficiently delivers moisture into the soil enabling maximum absorption and nutrient uptake.

Suitable for use on all gardens including veggies, lawns, fruit trees, potted plants and natives.

Available in 2L click-on hose bottles (200m² coverage).

Hort with Heart Trace

Trace is a direct foliar spray that is absorbed directly into leaf tissue.  It rectifies nutrient deficiencies in poor soils and improves overall plant health.  It promotes strong root development and allows optimum uptake of essential nutrients such as iron, manganese, zinc and copper.

Trace element deficiency is common in all citrus.

Available in 2L click-on hose bottle.

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