Vegie Mix

Our very own Vegie Mix is the ideal soil blend suitable for direct planting of vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruiting trees and non-native varieties of plants.

Vegie Mix is blended on site from our Landscape Mix and Premium Compost. The open structure of Landscape Mix and the nutrient-rich, fast-acting Premium Compost will ensure vigorous and healthy edibles.

This is the best growing medium to use in new garden beds and pots and for re-invigorating and topping up your existing vegetable plots after harvest and before the next planting out.

Soil preparation and maintenance is the key to any successful crop so remember to continue add composts, good quality fertilisers, soil wetting agents and mulch throughout the growing season. These additions will assist mineral and nutrient uptake for stronger, productive plants and help guard against pests and disease.  Liquid feed during the growth and bloom stages for maximum results.

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