Gascoyne River Stone

Gascoyne River Stone is a premium decorative stone sourced from the north-west of Western Australia.  It has an earthy appearance with a broad colour palette, especially when wet, including dark browns, black, reds and ochre along with some pale yellow and white.  Gascoyne River Stone is perfect for creating a natural bush or native look in your landscaping project and works well in Japanese style gardens.

Smaller sized stones (3mm – 6mm) are quite rounded and suitable for creating informal pathways, as fillers between pavers and along fence lines.  Medium sized stones (10mm – 20mm) make a great dry mulch in native gardens or large planters that won’t degrade overtime while the larger stones (40mm – 90mm) can be used to create stunning natural looking dry creek bed features.

Gascoyne River Stone is fully screened and clean (no dust).

Available in five sizes:
3mm – 6mm
6mm – 10mm
10mm – 20mm
20mm – 40mm
40mm – 90mm

We suggest installing Geofabric (available in store) underneath to stop the aggregate from mixing in with the existing sand, and to help control weeds.

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