South West River Stone

Creation Landscape Supplies has a large selection of the very popular South West River Stone in a variety of sizes from small tumbled ‘gravel’ that can be used to make pathways, right up to large feature stones for water features and dry creek beds.

South West River Stone has a smooth finish with the smaller sizes comfortable underfoot when using to make compacted pathways and as a filler between pavers.  The small size of this stone provides an even coverage and looks great in pots and planters.

The 20mm – 40mm washed and screened pebbles work as a great ground cover, in planters and pots, between pavers, in water features and as the base layer for dry creek beds.

The larger sized South West River Stones look great in gabion walls, dry creek beds and as feature rocks in water features.

You can visit our yard and hand-select South West River Stone (sizes 2 – 4).  Tumbled and Screenings are also available in 25kg take-home bags.

Colours range from cool greys, warm pinks to soft creams.

Available in five sizes:
10mm – 20mm (Tumbled)
20mm – 40mm (Screenings)
40mm – 90mm (Size 1)
90mm – 150mm (Size 2)
150mm – 270mm (Size 3

We suggest installing Geofabric (available in store) underneath to stop the stone from mixing in with the existing sand, and to help control weeds.

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