Summerstone Fines

Summerstone Fines is finely crushed quartz that looks terrific when compacted to create paths and driveways.  It has the appearance crushed sea shells mixed with beach sand.  It feels great under foot and lends itself to a relaxed, informal landscape situations.

Summerstone Fines should be compacted to a depth of 50mm for foot traffic and 100mm for light vehicle traffic.  We recommend using a compacted sub-base of crushed limestone or blue metal road base before applying the top layer of Summerstone Fines.

Depending on the application you may wish to stabilise Summerstone Fines with Soilbond or cement to aid with compaction and to reduce erosion.  Talk to a team member for advice on stabilising fines.

Summerstone Fines has been used to great effect in many residential and commercial projects throughout Perth including Wireless Hill Reserve in Ardross and Supreme Court Gardens in the Perth CBD.

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