We stock a range of cements, concrete and mortars suitable for garden landscaping, limestone and brick walls and securing pavers.

General purpose grey and cream, brickies grey and brickies lite along with Aalborg white cement and Hylime.  We also stock prepacked mortars and concretes like cream mortar, rapid set concrete and standard concrete.

Cockburn Hylime

Cockburn Hylime is derived from high quality quicklime with a carefully measured amount of air-entraining agent to further enhance its ability to impart excellent water retention and plasticity to mortars.

Meets Australian Standards AS:1672 ‘Building Limes’

Cockburn General Purpose Cement

This general purpose cement is perfect for your small building jobs like footings for retaining walls, fence posts, renders brickwork, blockwork and concrete

Available in Grey and Creme.

Aalborg White General Purpose

This general purpose white Portland cement for renders,  brickwork mortar and other general uses where a white finish is required.

Cockburn Brickies Grey & Lite

Brickies Grey provides a worry free grey mortar perfect for internals, under a render finish or even an external grey mortar.  Brickies Lite is blended from Cockburn Creme and provides a rich cream coloured mortar.

Brickies is a measured blend of Cockburn Cement and Hylime that conforms with an M3 Australian Standard classification.

All that you need to do is add the sand and water.

Swan Adbri Rapid Set Concrete

Rapid Set Concrete is suitable for fixing fence and non-load bearing pergola posts, clothes hoists and other non-structural uses.  It is formulated to harden rapidly to enable you to get your projects completed faster.

Swan Adbri Concrete Pack

A general purpose concrete mix that is a blend of sand, cement and aggregate.  It is ideal for load bearing, grey concrete applications where a 30MPa strength is sufficient such as shed floors, pathways, pergolas and making slabs.

Cockburn Mortar Packs

Crème Mortar is a premixed blend of general purpose cement, Hylime and brickies sand.

Ideal for non-structural construction projects such a small retaining walls, barbecues, letterboxes and for securing pavers in position.  These mortars can also be used in single coat internal and external render applications.

It is ready to use straight from the bag – just add water.

Designed to meet Australian Standards – 3700 Masonry Structures.

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