A firepit will make a bold statement in any landscape design by making it the focal point of your garden and helping to extend the use of your outdoor area into the colder months.

There’s something about a firepit that we all love. Its warming and visual appeal will add to any commercial or domestic landscape design.

Cone Crusher

The Cone Crusher is a retired mine crushing cone that can be reused as a firepit, succulent bowl, or whatever you put your mind to.

Available in varying sizes.


The Scarborough is made using high quality steel that is designed to oxidise over time.

Available in:

  • 800mm (4mm gauge)
  • 900mm (4mm gauge)
  • 1000mm (4mm gauge)
  • 600mm (6mm gauge)
  • 1500mm (6mm gauge)

The dish is pre-drilled with a 10mm central drainage hole.  The 1300mm Scarborough is supplied with a circular steel plinth.

  • Bulk delivery
  • Free trailer hire
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