Choose a quality mulch to make your gardens pop, reduce weeds, reduce moisture loss and improve the biological balance and health of your garden.

We offer four quality blends

Creation Landscape Supplies is the expert in selecting the right mulch to suit Perth conditions and garden types. Call us for free advice on choosing the right mulch for your garden.

Benefits of Mulch

Apart from making your garden look amazing, there are many benefits to using mulch throughout your entire garden.

Mulch adds organic matter which improves soil quality and helps to make make your garden healthier and more resistant to pests and disease.  It helps to keep the soil cooler by shielding it from the sun, prevents evaporation and reduces water run-off when watering.  Mulch also provides a natural barrier to help prevent weed germination and competing with plants for nutrients.

Quality Counts

Creation Landscape Supplies is a leading mulch supplier in Perth for premium quality mulch sourced from the most reputable and respected mulch producers in Western Australia.

Not all mulches are the same and not all garden mulch suppliers are the same. You may find a less expensive option at other yards with similar generic names however there is little doubt that paying less means getting less in terms of quality.

Applying Mulch

The recommended depth for applying mulch is around 50mm (5cm).  This will help suppress weed grow, keep the soil cooler and improve water retention.

It’s important to prepare your soil and garden beds prior to applying the mulch by removing weeds, debris, sticks and excess leaf litter.  Add a soil wetting agent and water the beds well.

Shovel mulch from your wheelbarrow into small piles and use your hands to loosely spread to a depth of around 50mm keeping the mulch clear of the base of plants and tree trucks.  If mulching vegetable gardens wait until most of your plants have started growing to prevent smothering seedlings.

Get it Delivered

Whether your garden mulch requirements are large or small we can get it to you using our fleet of trucks delivering up to 12m³ in one delivery.  We also supply mulch in 1m³ bulka bags which can be craned onto site.

Bring your own trailer or we have courtesy trailers to get your load home or to your job site.

Our mulches are available in 30-litre take-home bags.

Product Calculator

  • Length (metres)
  • Width (metres)
  • Depth (metres)
  • Result (cubic metres)
Accurate Measurement

Calculating an accurate amount of product required for your job is very important. There is nothing worse than receiving a delivery to find you’re short on product.

Different Shapes

Of course sometimes your job area may not be square or rectangular, it may be winding and change widths at various times which can make correct measurement difficult.

Compact Surfaces

As a general rule only, 20% extra needs to be ordered to factor in the compaction of the product. Please call us if you have questions on this.

We offer a free trailer service or we can deliver

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