Seaweed Tonic – No Frills

Seaweed Tonic – No Frills
Seaweed Tonic – No Frills
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Seaweed tonic uses the most scientifically researched kelp on the planet; Ascophyllum nodosum, otherwise known as Norwegian Kelp.

The focus is to stimulate early root development. Seaweed tonic is packed full of natural growth hormones, amino acids and trace elements to aid nutrient uptake. These compounds act as powerful microbial stimulants, encouraging a biologically active soil.

Seaweed tonic is river-safe , improves yield, reduces insect attack and plant stress.

Suitable for vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, lawns and natives. 1ltr covers up to 400m2.

Available in 1, 4 and 10 ltr containers.

No Frills is a Margaret River company. Buy local.

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