A quality compost brings diverse life to your soil and promotes healthy bacteria, fungi, insects and worms to support plant growth.  The beneficial bacteria breaks down organics into nutrients and helps convert nitrogen from the air into a plant available nutrient.  Along with enriching the soil and reducing the need for chemical fertilisers, it can also help retain moisture and suppress plant diseases and pests.

Premium Compost

Premium Compost is an advanced and highly effective soil improver that acts as an all-in-one plant feeder and soil builder.   Made from various sources of organic materials including peat, Jarrah wood by-product, gypsum, straw, green organic, and animal manures, this product goes through a controlled process of aerobic composting to become high-value carbon.

It releases nutrients quickly, improves soil aeration, has a naturally high water holding capacity and is easy to spread around.

Premium Compost is highly recommended as a mulch to feed your nutrient hungry exotic plants and can be used as a turn-in compost to build sandy soils before planting out.  Use more sparingly if applying this compost to smaller, developing native plants.

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Plush Turf Compost

Plush Turf Compost is a premium lawn top dresser.  It is a super fine top-dress treatment screened to 8mm and below to allow it to settle deep into the leaf blade. Designed specifically for turf, it restores turf vitality and encourages deeper root growth to make turf stronger and increase water and nutrient efficiencies.

This product is packed full of organic nutrients and fully composted which will bring quick results to your lawn.   Plush Turf Compost penetrates the root zone with nutrient-rich organic carbon to feed the turf, stimulate growth, and add beneficial microbes to the soil which improves nutrient uptake and helps to suppress pests and disease.

Plush Turf Compost is proven to be effective in the treatment of sting nematode infestation and is best used on well-maintained, level lawns in need of a quick release of nutrients to boost the leaf colour and strengthen root development.

Purchase our 30ltr bags here from our online store.

Soil Conditioner

This is a cost-effective compost product that supplies nutrients and increased water holding capacity to your garden soil.

Although not as potent as our Premium Compost, it is perfect for established natives and hardy exotics, opening up your sandy soil to reduce runoff, improve soil aeration and increase water retention.

Contains green organics, hardwood by-products and animal manures.

Purchase our 30ltr bags here from our online store.

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